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Altanza is one of the most self-sufficient wineries in Rioja (65% of our wines are source from our own vineyards). Our vision is to create high quality wines that outstand the spirit of Rioja, aged Tempranillo wines that show the versatility of this emblematic grape and conserve an underlining elegance with a great cellaring potencial. We are pioneers participating in different I+D studies (creating our own bank of selected native yeasts and bacteria etc). Altanza is the first Rioja winery to establish in the Jerez D.O. through the joint-venture with Roberto Amillo in 2017.


Who you'll meet

Elena Sanchez, Export Director (pictured)

Lucia Christensen, Area Export Manager


What you'll taste

Bodegas Altanza, Lealtanza Crianza, Rioja 2016

Bodegas Altanza, Lealtanza Reserva, Rioja 2014

Bodegas Altanza, Lealtanza Gran Reserva, Rioja 2010

Bodegas Altanza, Club Lealtanza Reserva, Rioja 2011

Bodegas Altanza, Lealtanza Artistas Espanoles, J Sorolla Reserva, Rioja 2010

Bodegas Altanza, Coleccion R Amillo, Amontillado Jerez

Where to buy

Please ask at stand

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