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Finca Las Moras: shaking the wine world’s status-quo.

Oh yes. It’s all about that special blend of innovation and expertise.

Finca Las Moras has always had a word or two to say about this. Bold concepts, edgy packaging and high-quality wines come together to wipe the dust off old boring protocol, making new generations fall head over heels for wine.

With its creations and various recognitions earned, Finca Las Moras stands out both for its creativity and high-quality wines, defying the way wine is conceived of, shared and consumed.

Even if its wines are enjoyed in 54 countries worldwide, its roots are in the valleys of Tulum, Zonda and Pedernal in San Juan, one of the main wine regions in Argentina.

San Juan infuses Finca Las Moras’ wines with its unique characteristics: intense as its daylight, young as its land, fresh as its nights scents.


Who you'll meet

Borja Iñiguez, China and Hong Kong manager


What you'll taste

Finca Las Moras, Alma Mora Select Reserve Malbec, San Juan 2018

Finca Las Moras, Alma Mora Select Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, San Juan 2018

Finca Las Moras, Los Intocables Malbec 2018

Finca Las Moras, Los Intocables Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Finca Las Moras, Mora Negra, San Juan 2015


Where to buy

Three Harvests Wines
Lionel Shi:
+86 189 1135 6788

Social Media

Facebook: Finca Las Moras