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Very much an oasis in the middle of the desert, Puchang – located in Turpan Valley, China’s Xinjiang province - now comprises approximately 100 hectares of vineyards which produce up to 130,000 bottles each year. Puchang was first established in 1975. In 2008, Hong Kong business man, Mr. K.K. Cheung purchased the estate, giving it a new direction as one of the first organic wine producers in China.

Puchang focuses on organic viticulture and winemaking with unwavering dedication and care under quality management. It also works with distinctive local grapes to present the taste of Xinjiang terroir. Thanks to the extreme desert climate, this land is almost entirely free of pests. Puchang is certified by ECOCERT as being organically maintained, which is an indication of its fine standard at the international level.


Who you'll meet

Clara Wang, Director (in the picture)

Jenny Cheung, Director


What you'll taste

Puchang Vineyard, Rkatsiteli 2017

Puchang Vineyard, Muscat Dry 2017

Puchang Vineyard, Saperavi 2016

Puchang Vineyard, Beichun 2015

Puchang Vineyard, Saperavi Reserve 2015

Puchang Vineyard, Muscat Sweet 2015

Where to buy

Please ask at stand


Social Media

Facebook: @puchangwine

WeChat: 蒲昌酒业