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Finding a treasure requires intuition and courage. The virtues held by those who founded Bodega El Esteco over 120 years ago. A hidden treasure in the heart of the Calchaquí Valleys, in northern Argentina. Icon of colonial architecture, which merges the Spanish style with a creole spirit.

In a landscape sculpted by the wind and painted by the sun, ranging from 1700 meters high. Away from everything, close to the sky. Exotic and unexplored. A desert where winemaking is an adventure for the few, with an exceptional outcome. Where land provides, man works and everyone thanks the sky for its gifts.

The soil is rich in minerals. Sun burns close. Mornings are fresh, noons are hot and nights are cold. Extreme conditions produce high end wines. Scarce and deeply coloured. Altitude wines that reveal the essence of the terroir. At the top of the world by its origin, on the international podium for its awards.


Who you'll meet

Borja Iniguez, China & Hong Kong manager


What you'll taste

El Esteco, Old Vines Torrontés, Calchaquí Valley 2014

El Esteco, Old Vines Malbec, Calchaquí Valley 2012

El Esteco, Altimus, Calchaquí Valley 2015

El Esteco, Chañar Punco, Calchaquí Valley 2016


Where to buy

Hangzhou Tangyuan Fine Wine

+86 138 5714 1027

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