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Borie-Manoux, founded in 1870, is one the biggest family-owned wineries and wine merchants in France, with a reputation for producing and distributing top quality wines.

The group is currently managed by Philippe Castéja, representing the 5th generation of the family at the helm of the company. He controls 9 prestigious Estates in the best appellations of the Bordeaux Area, including, Grands Crus Classés such as Château Batailley and Château Lynch-Moussas in Pauillac and Château TrotteVieille in Saint-Émilion.

Both Winemaker and Wine Merchant, Philippe Castéja is also active in professional bodies such as the Bordeaux wine Board where he holds the position of President of the 1855 Grands Crus Classés. Wines from the Borie-Manoux Estates have had been appreciated worldwide for many generations, and have a strong reputation for excellence.


Who you'll meet

Philippe Castéja, CEO & Owner

Steven Wasylyk, Export Director of China


What you'll taste

Chateau Batailley 巴特利酒庄, Grand Cru Classé 列级名庄, Pauillac 波亚克 2015

Chateau Batailley 巴特利酒庄, Grand Cru Classé 列级名庄, Pauillac 波亚克 2009

Chateau Lynch-Moussas 浪琴慕莎酒庄, Grand Cru Classé 列级名庄, Pauillac 波亚克 2012

Chateau Trotte Vieille 老托特酒庄, 1er Grand Cru Classé 列级名庄一级庄, St-Émilion 2011

Chateau du Domaine de l’Église 雷歌酒庄, Pomerol 波美侯 2014

Chateau Beau-Site 美景酒庄 , Saint-Estèphe 圣埃斯岱夫 2016

Where to buy

Please ask at stand

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