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Jade Vineyard is located amongst the eastern foothills of Helan Mountain beside Yinchuan city. At an altitude of 1,180 meters established on a wide spread of virgin land, 15 hectares from an initial 22 hectares were selected to be cultivated as premium vineyards. These promising fields are vital to our vision: producing top quality wines. Using international standards and the highest environmental requirements, our dream is to express the vibrant characteristics of the Chinese countryside, crafting premium Jade Vineyard Chinese wines with international flair.


Who you'll meet

Emma Ding, Owner


What you'll taste

Jade Vintage, Red 2017

Jade Vintage, Dry White 2017

Jade Vineyard, Hyacinth Red 2016

Jade Vineyard, Four Seasons Red 2015

Jade Vineyard, Aria Red 2015

Jade Vineyard, Four Seasons Dry White 2016

Where to buy

Please ask at stand

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WeChat: Ammy0926