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Wakefield Taylors Family Wines

For three generations Wakefield Taylors Family Wines have crafted great Australian wines in the Clare Valley, South Australia. Our family’s estate was established with the single-minded purpose of creating wines that rival the world’s finest.

In 2017, Wakefield Taylors Family Wines was named the World’s Most Awarded Winery by the World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists in a ranking of more than 50,000 winemakers globally.


Who you'll meet

Laurence Lau, Regional director for China and Asia


What you'll taste

Wakefield, Estate Shiraz 2017

Wakefield, Estate Riesling 2017

Wakefield, Jaraman Shiraz 2017

Wakefield, Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Wakefield, St Andrews Shiraz 2016

Wakefield, St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon 2015


Where to buy

Chengdu Honor Wine Co., Ltd.

+86 (0)28 8598 0373

Social media

Facebook: Taylors Wines

Wechat: WakefieldTaylors