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Domaine de la Rectorie

If there is a vineyard apart in a world where everything ends up looking the same, it is that of Banyuls and Collioure.

Here, in these vineyards in terraces overhanging the sea, we work and harvest without any possible mechanization, being our first concern to give birth to a wine that is a witness of its land, of its strength, of its gentleness too, of these stories of men and women who work together in an adventure always renewed for this symbol of life and sharing.

The Domaine is constituted by thirty hectares of vineyards, with vines that are more than fifty years old in average.The main grape variety is grenache, completed with carignan, syrah and mourvèdre.From the diversity of plots, with different altitudes and orientations, we are able to elaborate a range of wines going from the dry Collioure -white, rosé and red- to the fortified sweet Banyuls, proposed here in their two different approaches: the Rimage, aged in full tanks or barrels protected from the air, or the traditional oxidative Banyuls


Who you'll meet

Kelven YU


What you'll taste

Domaine de la Rectorie, Côte Mer, Collioure 2017

Domaine de la Rectorie, L’Oriental, Collioure 2017

Domaine de la Rectorie, Montagne, Collioure 2016

Domaine de la Rectorie, L’Argile, Collioure 2016

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Shanghai Talai Trading Company Limited

Lin Winmin: +86 152 166 668 97

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