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Kanaan Winery is located at the foothill of Ningxia Helan Mountain East. Established in 2011, it was paid by the effort of Wang Fang and her father Wang Fengyu. As a devoted Christian, Fang named the winery as Kanaan, which is a divine heir in Israel, it was referred to the ‘Promised Land’ with milk and honey flow, Fang believes that Kanaan Winery represents her longing for quality wine and her devotion.

For the purpose of making prominent wine, Kanaan pays attention deeply on every details of both viticulture and vinification, including the quality of grapes and sanitation in the winemaking area. Although it has been only a few years since Fang moved back to China, Kanaan Winery has received recognition in not only the domestic market but also foreign countries.


Who you'll meet

WANG Fang, owner


What you'll taste

Kanaan Winery, Crazy Fang, Ningxia 2012

Kanaan Winery, Black Beauty, Ningxia 2014

Kanaan Winery, Pretty Pony, Ningxia 2014

Kanaan Winery, Wild Pony, Ningxia 2016

Kanaan Winery, Riesling, Ningxia 2018

Kanaan Winery, Semi-Sweet White, Ningxia 2017


Where to buy

Summergate Fine Wines & Spirits
+86 139 185 558 366

Social Media

Wechat: 迦南美地酒庄

Instagram: kanaanwinery_official, crazyfangwine