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Château Ad Francos, from the appellation Francs-Cotes de Bordeaux, is a time machine travelling since the sixth century at the time of the conquest of Aquitaine by the king Clovis. A trace of the appellation “Ad Francos” (belong to the Francs) has been found in a book from 1004.

Ad Francos has become with time the current village of Francs, which has given its name to the appellation Francs-Cotes de Bordeaux. There has been trace of wine activity in Francs since the eleventh century.

The chateau wine-making was naturally granted to Michel Rolland, whose family lived in the castle for almost two centuries. His knowledge and his emotional bond to the terroir of his ancestors, allowed him to create a great Bordeaux wine, “sewn-hand”, out of time and fashion, at the height of the history of this extraordinary place.


Who you'll meet

Guillaume Brochard, Owner


What you'll taste

Château Ad Francos 2014

Château Ad Francos Ad Aeternam 2014

Château Jean Faure 2014

Château Le Chatelet 2012

Château Cazeau La Reserve 2015

Chateau Ad Francos Blanc 2018


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Maison Le Star

+86 (0)21 6431 3289

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