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With the release of the first Montes Alpha in 1988, and a clear belief that Chile had an untapped potential as a quality wine appellation, Montes was the first Chilean winery dedicated to craft premium wines.

Our founding partners’ total involvement, the hard work of the Montes team and the continuous help of the Angels that decorate our labels, were key to our success which has led us to be one of the most recognized and respected quality-driven wineries from Chile.

Now at days, Aurelio Montes continues leading the winemaking area with the same passion as the first day, pioneering and breaking new grounds in wine.


Who you'll meet

Jason Li – China Brand Manager

Stephanie Shen – China Marketing Manager


What you'll taste

Montes, Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon, Colchagua Valley 2017

Montes, Folly, Colchagua Valley 2016

Montes, Purple Angel Carmenère, Colchagua Valley 2017

Kaiken, Terrior Torrontes, Cafayate, Salta 2019

Kaiken, Ultra Malbec 2017

Kaiken, Mai Malbec, Vistalba 2016


Where to buy

China Wine Platform
+86 (0)21 3468 8696

Social media

Facebook: Viña Montes

Twitter: @MontesWines

Instagram: @KaikenWines

Weibo: MontesWine蒙特斯红酒

WeChat: MontesWine蒙特斯红酒