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Barón de Ley is a winery founded in 1985 with the ambition to lead the premium categories Reserva and Gran Reserva in the classic region of Rioja. Located in a XVI century monastery in Rioja Baja at the 90 Ha. Imas estate, after only 30 years of existence the winery has become the largest vineyard owner in the region with more than 700 has in production and a unique quality proposition in the region.

Thanks to its innovative and open winemaking, led by Gonzalo Rodriguez, Baron de Ley showcases an exciting range of wines, from unusual varietals, to the classic ageing protocols of Rioja and cutting edge blends.


Who you'll meet

Oscar Rioja, export area manager Asia-Pacific


What you'll taste

Barón de Ley, Blanco, Rioja 2017

Barón de Ley, Reserva 3 Viñas, Rioja 2015

Barón de Ley, Reserva, Rioja 2014

Barón de Ley, Gran Reserva, Rioja 2012

Barón de Ley, Finca Monasterio, Rioja 2016

Barón de Ley, Reserva 7 Viñas, Rioja 2012


Where to buy

Hangzhou Tangyuan Trading Co.,LTD
Tyrone Song:
+86 138 5714 1027
+86 (0)571 5811 0500

Social Media

Twitter: @BaronDeLeyRioja