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In the heart of Piedmont’s wine country, a picturesque road winds leads to Fontanafredda, the winery founded in 1858 by Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy. Today, Fontanafredda’s property covers over 122 hectares spanning across the municipalities of Serralunga d’Alba, Diano d’Alba, Farigliano, Alba, Rodello and Murisengo, at elevations that vary from 200 to 400 meters above sea level. In 2015, Fontanafredda was one of the first companies to begin converting all hectares of property to organic agriculture, obtaining the official certification in 2018.

The winemaking philosophy at Fontanafredda is simple and clear: the wine must maintain the character and personality that derive from the interaction between the vine, the land of origin, and man’s intervention. We’ve decided to favour all that which is sustainable and rooted in the wine-making traditions of Langa.

Fontanafredda can be visited every day of the year, offering tourists a rich series of activity options.


Who you'll meet

Roberto Bruno, General Manager


What you'll taste

Fontanafredda, Barolo 2015

Barolo del Comune di Serralunga d’Alba 2015

Ebbio Langhe Nebbiolo 2017

Raimonda Barbera d’Alba 2017

Treiso Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba 2018

Vigna La Rosa Barolo 2013

Where to buy

Xiamen Fond Wine IMP & EXP CO.,LTD

+86 187 9198 6495

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Facebook: @Fontanafreddawines

Instagram: @Fontanafreddawines