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The history of Château Giscours goes back to the 14th century, at which time an impressive keep protected the estate from potential attack. However, the true creation of the estate can be considered to date from the purchase of the 'maison noble de Guyscoutz' by Pierre de Lhomme, a rich cloth merchant, in 1552. This marked the beginning of Château Giscours’ winegrowing tradition.

The estate underwent a golden age in the 19th century thanks to wealthy and influential owners such as the Promis, Pescatore and Cruse families. This is also when Giscours underwent a number of important changes: the château was transformed into a neoclassic palace; the grounds were landscaped by Eugène Bülher; rare tree species were planted; and immense outbuildings were constructed, including the famous Ferme Suzanne.

In 1995, Dutch businessman Eric Albada Jelgersma took over management and set about meticulously renovating the vineyard and buildings to make this prestigious estate fully worthy of its third-growth ranking in the 1855 classification.


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Château Giscours 2012

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