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Château le Puy lies on the same rocky plateau as St-Emilion and Pomerol, overlooking the magnificent Dordogne valley. The château was known in ancient times as 'Coteau des Merveilles' (the Hill of Wonders) because of the excellence of its wines. The vineyard is perched on the second highest point in the Gironde department at 110m above sea level with a sunny, warm and dry climate.

The existing part of the château was built by our ancestor Barthélemy Amoreau in 1832, but the origin of the oldest part goes back to the early 12th century.

We practice organic and biodynamic viticulture, a modern way of saying that we tend the vines just as our grandfathers did: without the use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and artificial insecticides.

When the time comes to bottle the wines, we ensure that the process takes place during a waning moon and without any filtration. The corks are protected by a wax seal.


Who you'll meet

Frédérique Roine, Brand Ambassador of Asia (in the picture)

Yingdong Yu, Brand Ambassador of The Greater China


What you'll taste

Château le Puy, Emilien, Côtes de Bordeaux 2016

Château le Puy, Emilien, Côtes de Bordeaux 2015

Château le Puy, Barthélemy, Côtes de Bordeaux 2016

Château le Puy, Barthélemy, Côtes de Bordeaux 2011

Duc des Nauves, Côtes de Bordeaux 2016

Closerie Saint Roc, Côtes de Bordeaux 2015


Where to buy

Watson’s Wine Cellar (Shanghai) Company Limited

+86 (0)21 6161 0317 ext 8014

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