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In Ningxia, in 2011, Wang Fang began her journey in wine. Having lived abroad for 12 years, she still feels a strong link to wines from all over the world, and her roots in winemaking (her father was one of the founders of Chinese fine wine in Ningxia) have also had a great influence on her.

Fang feels that Kanaan is her fate. She says, 'After all I've experienced, I am sure that owning a winery in Ningxia is my destiny.'

Kanaan means literally 'a land of milk and honey', and Fang hopes her own Kanaan will be ‘a land of fruit and hope’ for Chinese wine, and will confirm her strongly held belief that Chinese fine wines can compete with the best wines of the world.


Who you'll meet

WANG Fang, owner


What you'll taste

Kanaan Winery, Riesling, Ningxia 2017
Kanaan Winery, Semi-Sweet, Ningxia 2017
Kanaan Winery, Wild Pony, Ningxia 2015
Kanaan Winery, Pretty Pony, Ningxia 2014
Kanaan Winery, Black Beauty, Ningxia 2013
Kanaan Winery, Crazy Fang, Ningxia 2011


Where to buy

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