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In 2008 Dr Karl Heinz Hauptmann sourced the perfect location for his now renowned winery at Nine Peak Mountain.

Chateau Nine Peaks consists of 150 hectares of rolling hills and terraces. The winery is the only one in its class in China, with a vineyard that consists of the best quality vines imported only from France.


Who you'll meet

Phillippe Ricoux, General Manager (pictured)

Jacky Yan, Production Director


What you'll taste

Chateau Nine Peaks, Chardonnay, Qi 2016

Chateau Nine Peaks, Chardonnay, Reserve 2016

Chateau Nine Peaks, Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve 2016

Chateau Nine Peaks, Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Chateau Nine Peaks, Rose 2017

Chateau Nine Peaks, Cabernet Gernischt Reserve 2016

Where to buy

East Meets West Fine Wines
Liz Li:
+86 (0)21 6282 4966-8042


Social media

Facebook: Chateau Nine Peaks 九顶庄园

Linkedin: Chateau Nine Peaks 九顶庄园


WeChat: 九顶庄园ChateauNinePeaks