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Tradition, experience and knowledge spanning centuries have given Graham’s the values that are at the heart of the company’s philosophy. The original Graham family motto 'Ne Oublie' perfectly encapsulates the company’s commitment to the Douro Region, born of a deep respect for the past.

Founded in 1820, Graham’s produced some of the greatest ports of the 20th century. In 1970 the company was sold by the founding family to the Symingtons, who had themselves been port producers since 1882, although through their Anglo-Portuguese great-grandmother, they can trace their port heritage back to 1652.

Graham’s owns some of the finest vineyards in the Douro Valley – one of the oldest demarcated wine regions in the world, and now a Unesco World Heritage Site. The five mountain estates total 253 hectares of vineyard and are located in different areas of the Douro, each making distinctive wines that contribute to Graham’s unique character and style.

Who you'll meet

Sofia Zhang, China Sales Development Manager


What you'll taste

Graham’s, Late Bottled Vintage Port

Graham’s, 10 Years Old Tawny Port NV

Graham’s, 20 Years Old Tawny Port NV

Graham’s, Single Harvest Tawny Port 1994


Where to buy

Torres China

Isabella Tien;

+86 (0)21 6267 7979

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WeChat: 辛明顿家族

Instagram: grahams_port