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Featured Region: Australia


Australia began making wine over two centuries ago. It’s a country rich in old vines, multi-generational winemaking families and an ingrained knowledge and respect of the craft. Add to that a yearning to innovate, a fearless attitude and a diverse patchwork of 65 wine regions and more than 100 grape varieties, and you have the makings of an extraordinary wine country like no other.

In the Australian Wine Room, explore the heritage, place and grace of some of Australia’s most iconic and exceptional wines. Fine wines from the revered classics and regional heroes, to the exciting new varieties and styles, you’ll discover Australian wines that are some of the most diverse and thrilling wines in the world.

The wines in the Featured Room follow the Langton’s Classification, an independent classification that sets the benchmark for Australia’s finest wines. The Langton’s Classification recognises wines in three tiers: Excellent, Outstanding and Exceptional. These wines will be complemented by an opportunity for guests to explore the country's rising stars; wines to watch and those likely to be classics of the future.

10:00 - 13:00 &-14:30 - 17:30 | Executive Room

Grand Tasting ticket allows access to the Australian Wine Room.

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Australia’s most classic and iconic wines, highly prized and sought-after by wine lovers and collectors across the world.

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Firmly putting Australia on the fine wine map, these are wines that best represent the region, its terroir and the personality of the maker.

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From some of Australia’s most recognised names, these all-time greats prove their worth year after year. Wines that are expressive, authentic and with enduring appeal.

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The Rising Stars

Discover the rising stars and future icons of Australian wine. Find out about the people, varieties, regions and styles that are pushing the boundaries, and discover who is producing the wines of the future.

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