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The Medici Ermete Cellars have been established for more than a century and are situated in the best growing area of the Lambrusco.

The Medici Family is dedicated to getting the best out of their wines. Over the past few decades they have built up and developed a real heritage of knowledge and skills, and their love and commitment to this wine has been handed down from generation to generation.

The Medici Cellars are always looking at improving their quality, with a careful selection of the land, grapes and wines and the constant updating of technology, while at the same time respecting the age-old Italian wine-producing tradition.


Who you'll meet

Alberto Medici


What you'll taste

Medici Ermete, Concerto, Reggiano Lambrusco DOC 2017

Medici Ermete, i Quercioli, Reggiano Lambrusco DOC dry NV

Medici Ermete, Daphne, Malvasia DOC dry 2017


Where to buy



+86 2162 4771081

Social media

Twitter: Medici Ermete @ermetemedici

Facebook: Medici Ermete

Instagram: mediciermete