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D’Arenberg was established in 1912 when Joseph Osborn, a teetotaler and racehorse owner, sold his stable of horses to buy property in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Since then, each generation of the Osborn family has passed on their knowledge of the vines and soil to the next custodian.

Today, fourth generation family member Chester Osborn makes distinctive wines using traditional methods in both the vineyard and winery. The personality of each vineyard is encouraged to flourish with minimal intervention: no fertiliser; minimal or no irrigation; no soil cultivation; and no herbicide. Through time-honoured techniques such as open fermentation, foot treading and basket pressing, the vineyard's unique personality is allowed to shine into each wine.

The d'Arenberg range is considerable – more than 60 wines made from 25 grape varieties, with styles that include white, red, fortified, sparkling and dessert.


Who you'll meet

Swenson Su, sales & marketing manager China


What you'll taste

d'Arenberg, The Dead Arm Shiraz 2015

d'Arenberg, The Coppermine Road Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

d'Arenberg, The Ironstone Pressing GSM 2015

d'Arenberg, The Blind Tiger Single Vineyard Shiraz 2011

d'Arenberg, The Old Bloke and Three Young Blondes Shiraz Roussanne Viognier Marsanne 2011

d'Arenberg, The Athazagoraphobic Cat Sagrantino Cinsault 2011


Where to buy

Kerry Wines
+86 (0)21 6032 2960

Memories of China

'On my last trip to China, I dined with the heads of Kerry Group (d'Arenberg's Chinese importer) in a great Shangri-La hotel restaurant with never-ending dishes. I kept finishing a dish only for the hosts to bring the same one back, as it is custom to leave some – but they were so good! I was honoured with the head of the duck, beak and eyes intact (quite crunchy), and of course lots of "gan bei" – the Chinese version of "cheers", but it actually seems to mean "skull the glass down in one". As the honoured guest, everyone at the table seemed to toast just me; they filled my glass continually!

'D'Arenberg's Derelict Vineyard Grenache, with its great spicy palate and vibrant, long finish, was a perfect match for most of the dishes – of which there were many – and certainly helped the duck head be memorable.'

– Chester Osborn, d'Arenberg chief winemaker and viticulturist

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